Winners: 686 | Losers: 140 | Strike Rate: 83.05% | Avg.Odds: 6.33 | Last Updated: 26/03/2015


I provide Greyhound Lay Tips that are manually picked every day. The selections cover all greyhound meetings that are listed in the Racing Post website. These tips will be posted most days between 07:00 - 08:00 in the morning.
All the stats are taken from the Racing Post cards and are sorted in a very specific way. After that, I manually pick the selections based on further criteria.
I advise you to use one of the mentioned staking plans. So far, the system has produced profit even on Level Staking. More than 540 picks have been posted on the Punters Lounge forum for betting proof reasons. Also, I have started posting picks in the Secret Betting Club forum as well for the same reasons.

I am starting the Daily Profit Service, which aims at making profits from greyhounds every day. The service will be offering 25 – 40 selections daily, which you can lay on the betting exchanges following the Lay Goff staking plan. I started testing this system in the beginning of September,2014 and so far I have placed more than 1400 bets. These tips will be free for 20 days only and can be found in the mentioned forums (Daily Service.Punters Lounge and Daily Service.SBC).

Greyhounds that will lose: 26/03/2015 (GMT +1)
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Last Updated: 26/03/2015 All Picks "odds < 10" Picks
Total Selections: 1234 826
Winners (Selections that lost their race): 1052 686
Losers (Selections that won their race): 182 140
Average odds (Fracsoft): 9.25 6.33
Strike Rate: 85.25% 83.05%
Longest winning streak 34 23
Longest losing streak 5 4
Staking Plans Profit £ ROI % Yield %
Lay Liability -11.00
-1.10 0.027
Lay Ladder 302.90 30.29 1.317
Lay 1 - 4 21.80 2.18
Lay % Recovery 740.70 74.07 2.298
Lay % Up Down 305.20 30.52
Lay Goff 1525.2 152.52
Lay Level Stakes 11.00 1.10 0.127

Odds < 10 - P/L, ROI, Yield. Updated: 12/03/2015

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